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Facnor EC47 Ombyggningskit for elektrisk rullesystem


Opggrader ditt eksisterende rullesystem til elektrisk med motorisering kit

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The power and the comfort in navigation!

The EC47 standard kit includes:

one electric multi-motorized drive unit (set up in 12 or 24V, 800W) with internal turnbuckle fitting, concept of multi-motorized power, waterproof housing in anodized aluminum

a watertight relay case + adapted circuit breaker

a four-drill stainless steel link plates (to be recut at the required length), supplied with bottom forestay pin

a reinforced stainless steel toggle

one swivel ref C47, sealed mechanism

a batch of anodized twin groove foil sections ref SX47

high torque resistance connectors

torx screws for foil connections

a set of bushings

a telescopic section

a sail feeder

a top cap

a deflector wheel to avoid halyard wrap

The wired or radio remote control is optional as well as the emergency wheel operated with continuous line.

A reliable operation:

Furling the Jib/Genoa/Staysail is a simple handling operated from the cockpit by a short-handed crew, with the EC47 electric gear just press one button!

The EC system enables to reef partially or furl completely the sail depending on weather conditions.

The rotation speed reaches 55 tr/mn for a quickly furled headsail.

The dimensions is similar to manual LS200/290 drum what make the motorization easy with EC47 drive unit.

The multi-motorized technology results in a reliable, compact and light electric drive unit.

If any electric failure on board, a backup device enables a manual furling (simplified by the use an emergency wheel ? in option).

Already widely tested round the world, the reliable EC ranges are fitted with resistant sections and connectors as well as waterproof mechanisms running in

For rullesystem

FD280, LS200, LS290

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